Interactive Paintings/Prints

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Image on left, pre-activated. Image on right shows a series of four sequential pictures of activated image when viewer comes within two feet of piece.

In nature, opposing forces are vital to a dynamic system.

My interactive landscape paintings reflect on the relationships between nature and culture, science and art tradition and innovation. Discreet solar-powered electronic components interact with the viewer, creating a subtle change within the image. These paintings draw attention to the use of  ambient light solar-power that may ultimately provide solutions to some of our more urgent environmental issues. Form meets function.

The Hudson River School artists have been an important influence on my work, not only for their portrayals of the sublime and luminous landscape, but because they played an important role in the budding preservationist movement in the mid to late 19th century. I also draw inspiration from 12th Century Southern Sung landscape paintings-metaphorical images that reflected the artist’s unease with their current  political climate. Today, our landscape is under threat of being further compromised because of our disappearing environmental protection laws.